KIXE-db is a source of quality music and thoughtful discussion, while providing a more vibrant, artistic, diverse and quality programming. KIXE-db is a freeform, independent, non-commercial, non-profit digitial broadcast radio station that provides a forum devoted to critical issues affecting our lives; with a wide range of topics. We believe communications should be used in the interest of the people, not corporations. KIXE-db provides broadcast of high quality talk shows that focus on social and political issues. Independent artists are free of the corporate music industry to make the music of their soul. KIXE-db is an outlet indenpendent musical talent free from the corporate music empire. By listening to KIXE-db, You will discover and experience amazing talent of independent artists at their best. We program independent music that showcases the artists true to their core. More harmonious. More free. More spirited. More real. Be independent and listen to KIXE-DB, IntenXE Radio. KIXE-DB is Officially Registered Digital Radio Station #16726077 (KIXE-DB) Under Authority of IRUC The National Association of Digital Broadcasters 244th Avenue, Suite 2757 New York, NY 10001-7945